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DATE: Saturday 16 March, 4-6 pm

MEETING PLACE: White Cube Gallery, 25-26 Mason's Yard, London SW1Y 6BU

MEETING TIME: 3:50pm for 4pm

NEAREST TUBE STATION: Green Park or Piccadilly






White Cube


Exhibition by Christian Marclay featuring two new video works that reconsider the relationship between image and text. The exhibition foregrounds the role of collage, the readymade and the poetics of chance encounter.



David Zwirner


Exhibition of sculptures and works on paper by Franz West (1947–2012), his radical repositioning of traditional notions of sculpture. By playfully manipulating everyday materials and imagery in novel ways, he created objects that served to redefine art as a social experience, calling attention to the ways in which art is presented to the public, and how viewers interact with works of art and with each other.


Exhibition of works by Tamuna Sirbiladze (1971–2016) that are characterized by a bold treatment of form and light and an iconoclastic approach to style and subject matter. Most of the artist’s canvases oscillate between abstraction and figuration, with brisk strokes ripe with expressive and symbolic meaning.





'A Fool Through the Cloud', the first exhibition of 'mindscape' paintings by William Monk. “The idea of painting as mantra interests me: paintings as objects, figurations as images and models used as vibrations to reach somewhere else, beyond ourselves." William Monk.



Hauser & Wirth


Exhibition of works by Geta Brătescu and two films about her creative process. “When I draw, I tell a story about forms. No matter what the ‘object’ of my attention might be, it records the track of the movements in space made by volumes or lines, linear objects. To me, drawing is the release of an intrinsic structural energy.” Geta Brătescu.



Victoria Miro


Exhibition celebrating three generations of acclaimed Danish artists: Asger Jorn, Per Kirkeby and Tal R. All three artists are experimenters. The works reveal a shared interest in the physical properties and expressive potential of painting medium along with a deep understanding of its history and traditions.




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